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PEMF therapy for people is safe for all ages. 

*People with battery operated implants and pregnant women are not eligible to receive these treatments

This 20 minute session will include 10 minutes focusing on the core and then 10 minutes on other areas of need. Full sessions will re-energize the whole body, promote better sleep and even detox the body on a cellular level.

 Price: $40

This 10 minute session will focus on an area in need of therapy, such as a hamstring injury, or post-workout treatment. This session is great to have several times a week for those recovering from surgery as well. Price: $20.00

woman stretching wearing sweatband

Equine Sessions

1 hour session to give your horse a full body treatment. This is a mixture of Equine Sports Massage and MagnaWave PEMF treatment. We recommend this session after a show or at least two weeks before your next event. Price: $125.00

30-40 minute session of just MagnaWave PEMF. This will go over your entire horse to keep them healthy and happy.

Price: $75

15-20 minute session to focus on an area of need. This is a great option for horses with Navicular disease, Laminitis and other injuries to the legs. It is recommended to have this session done 2-3 weekly for full benefit to your horses recovery. Price: $40.00

1 hour session to give your horse a full body massage. Keep your horse happy and relaxed. These are also great for elderly horse suffering from muscle atrophy! Price: $75

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